Assistant Professor Biomechanical Engineering, Delft University of Technology, 2021 - present
Visiting Researcher Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2021 - present
Postdoctoral Researcher Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2019 - 2021
PhD Biomedical Engineering, Ghent University, 2013 - 2019.

My research focuses on the multiscale behavior of the human heart, bridging the cell, tissue and organ scale. An improved understanding of the tissue’s biophysical functioning is crucial for the choice for, and development of, efficient clinical treatment strategies focused on patient-specific pathophysiology. Using finite element analysis and machine learning techniques, I integrate information from various data sources (including a.o. histological characterization, experimental tissue testing and medical imaging techniques) into computer models that simulate the patient-specific biophysical behavior of the heart as accurately as possible. In addition to the diagnostic value of these models, the developed modeling technology also allows us to predict the acute and chronic effect of various treatment techniques, through e.g. drugs, surgery and/or medical equipment. Consequently, this research offers insights that will have an unmistakable impact on the personalized medicine of the future.

heart failure simulation